C.Day Intro

As before, my video doesn’t want to load.

I live on Prince of Wales island in Craig (AK) with my 12 year old daughter, 4 cats, and a bearded dragon (lizard).  I just received my AA degree and Accounting Certificate after 20 years of starts and stops and am now working on my BA in Accounting.  For fun I do homework!  HAR!  We like going kayaking (tried for the first time this summer) and taking walks, as well as artsy stuff (Me=cards, my kid=drawing).  In the evening computer games that take no brain power have been my vice.  I took business ethics with Professor Stickel and enjoyed it, so know this will be a good class as well! 🙂

This is generally how we are…I’m laughing and she’s trying not to….a little pre-teen angst I guess!
We put many things on our pet’s heads!