Hello everyone, I’m Nick. I’m originally from AZ, but have traveled all around and lived in Fairbanks for a few years. I haven’t taken any classes from UAF in a while, but finally found the “spare time” to finish up my degree in Applied Management. I am currently a helicopter pilot by occupation.

As a part of a large organization with many stigmas and behavioral oddities, I’m looking forward to learning and understanding why things are the way they are, and how individual behavior is modified by (and contributing to) this organization.

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Hi Nick,
Good to have you here. In Fairbanks, I look forward to hearing about your work as a helicopter pilot. Sounds as if this course (and your degree) will really help you down the road.



Hi Nick, I like the term “behavioral oddities” to describe some of the insanity that you can find when you work in a large organization, it’s very diplomatic. I think I’m going to steal it for use in meetings in the future. I’ve worked for a few different organizations over the years and they were all basically nuts in one way or another, I’d love to understand why that is as well.

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