M3 Job Satisfication

My satisfied job was a Job that I had right after my junior year in Highschool ended. So I was super excited for the summer, I was like I’m gonna party, I get to sleep and have fun. But my father had different plans for me. He was taking that summer that was supposed to be fun in the sun, turned into work and learning how to survive after High School. So I didn’t have the best attitude at the beginning. And to top it off, the job was at the fair. So I got to watch others have fun. And eat amazing food. The job title was called a Carnival Crew Member. Which the duties vary. So for me I had to lay sawdust around the ground. Cater to the mechanics who help make sure the rides work. Cater to the people with the food stands. Now that one wasn’t so bad, because they gave me free food.

But on top of all that I had to work the rides and orchestrate the games.. Now this sounds like a dissatisfying Job. But everything changed after the first couple days. It started to get easier and I actually started to have fun. I got to watch kids go on scary rides, and all I did was press a button. I got to give kids gift when they won. And even got in shape from all the labor. My attitude has definitely changed. But a big part of it was the supervisor. When we first started their was the supervisor who was rude and really bossy. Which nobody liked. But then that supervisor left. And we got a new one, she was nice and supporting. I liked her work strategy, she let us work and if we were doing something wrong or goofing off, then she would come intervene. She was laid back but at the same time assertive with her actions.

What made the job happy and satisfying was the environment. I was surrounded by happy people and not a lot of stress. Which made the job easier and less stressful. It made me happy to get up and go to work. I would use my Supervisors mindset and a little of what I saw during that Job. Let people figure out how things work, and when they need an explanation be their. And have a positive mindset and attitude. She also was very nice and calm, So I would like to be like that as a supervisor. Because your attitude can either make the job easier or harder.

Introduction: REDO

Tell us who you are, where you are from, about your family, etc. and one thing that is on your bucket list. For 10 extra points, post a video intro.

My name Is Jeffrey Johnkins I am a undergraduate, who is majoring in business and minoring in film. I’m born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. My hobbies include Boxing, reading, and writing screenplays. My family is also raised here. Mom is a entrepreneur and my father does construction here. One thing that is on my bucket list. Is too go 12 rounds with Floyd Maywheather. Its great to meet this class.


Hello my name is Jeffrey Johnkins, I’m born and raised here. I’ve been living in Fairbanks for 19 years. My hobbies include art designing and exercising . This is my sophomore year at UAF. I’m majoring in business administration and minoring in film. My plan is to have my degree in four years. I have two dogs, one shih tzu. and the other Maltese/shih tzu. I’m very eager to be learning in this class.