(GRIFFEN) Hello from California!


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Hi Jennifer. Great to have you in class again. John Smelter told me about the fire earlier in the summer – I’m sorry to hear about your losses. Stay strong and keep the faith. You can do this and I am glad you are almost there. See you in Fairbanks next year for graduation.

Jennifer Griffen


Hi Tim, I’m looking forward to graduation and to meeting you and my other professors! I’ve had nothing but obstacles in obtaining my education, persistence is key!



Hi Jennifer – Great to see you in class, again. Stay strong!

I, too, am an Interdisciplinary Studies major with an Art minor; once upon a time, many years ago, I was an Art History major (for those without art talent!).

So happy for you that your trip to AK will be for such a momentous occasion. Way to persevere!

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