Welcome to our Class Discussion site for Organizational Theory and Behavior, BA F390. This will be the location of our Class Discussions. You can access discussions via the menu bar above, which allows you to access the weekly discussions  based on their Module # (M3=Week 3, M5=Week 5, etc.). As we progress further into the semester, new modules will be added.

I know this technology may be new to some of you.   I will be patient as you learn this.  Some important reminders for you:

  1. Every time you access the Class Discussion site (BA F390 Website menu in Bb), you MUST log in (using your UA Credentials).   Click on the Login button on top of the site.
  2. As stated in the syllabus, your initial Class Discussion posts are due by 11:30 PM on Wednesday of each week (when required). Responses to at least one of your classmates are due each Saturday at 11:30 PM.
  3. My intent is to get you to experience different ways of communicating your thoughts or ideas. For that reason, not all Modules will ask for a written response. Some posts might require to post a video, audio or another creative way to get your idea across. Look and plan ahead.
  4. As you know, for each discussion question, you are required to read and respond to at least one post of your classmates (this is where you can use the reply button under that classmate’s comment). We all value your ideas, feedback and comments. Responding to your classmates allows all students to grow in the material and contribute to the overall community knowledge. As you respond to your classmate’s, consider yourself in a conversation. Using well thought out and articulated ideas/facts, state  your opinion or position. Your response should include additional references or text and also needs to solidify your position. Just to say you agree or disagree with your classmate is not good enough.
  5. Class Discussion grading is worth up to 30 points total. You receive up to 20 points for posting a relevant, articulate and comprehensive answer to the discussion question by the deadline (Wednesday). Your post should include other relevant resources. You receive up to 10 points for your response to a classmate’s post by the deadline (Saturday). If you do not reply to a classmates, your Class Discussion grade is only worth up to 20 points.
  6. Review the instructions below for how to create a post and how to “Reply” to your classmates posts.

Here are your tasks this week:

  1. Always log in first.   Use the “Login” link above.
  2. Click on the “Introductions” menu above and see your instructor’s welcome.
  3. Now it’s your turn to post a Introduction. You can receive extra points by submitting a video introduction.
  4.  Here is a great instructional video if you need: screencast (it was done for another class, but instructions are the same). Additional help is located here.
    1. To post, select the “+ New” and Post above.
    2. Add a title that must include your last name so you can get credit.
    3. Enter your introduction text in the large text field.   If you created a video link, add your shared link to the text area, highlight it and find the “Insert/Edit Link” tool (it looks like an ‘infinity’ sign.
    4. You must “categorize” your introduction by selecting the “Introduction” box in the categories area in the right-side menu. This will allow your classmates to see your post.
    5. Select the “Update” or Publish Button to post it to the web.
  5. I need to approve initial posts, so it might not show up right away.
  6. I know that is a lot, but I have confidence that if I can do it, so can you.
  7. Next, upload a picture of yourself, which will appear in the right sidebar, under “Blog Authors.” We all want to see who we are dialoging with! Instructions for how to upload your picture are here..upload-avatar-pic

If you’re having trouble with any of this, please email me at stick@alaska.edu.