Caleb D.

My name is Caleb Darling and I live in Fairbanks, AK, well I suppose technically North Pole, AK. I am in my 4th year at the University of Alaska Fairbanks majoring in Homeland Security & Emergency Management with a concentration in Cybersecurity. This course fulfills a degree requirement for me however I have enjoyed the previous business classes I have taken and look forward to learning more about this subject. I work as a tour guide all over Alaska and as such have done the last 3 years of classes online due to never being able to make it in person to class. Tonight for example I am doing an aurora viewing tour at our lodge in Fox, AK, tomorrow a city tour of Fairbanks/North Pole, Saturday another city tour, and then Sunday I will be headed up to the Arctic Circle! I hope to work with the Alaska State Troopers after college. I moved to Alaska from New York with that plan in mind, years later and I am still sticking to it. One thing on my buket list is to visit Australia some day. In Alaska, I live with my Fiance Sam. My family is entirely in New York besides my Dad whom I convinced to move up here a few years after I moved here, he resides in Anchorage, AK.