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Hi everyone. My name is Alex Reber. I am a Sophomore at UAF going for my BBA in Business and Accounting and I’ve been really excited about starting my second year of college. This class fulfills general requirements for my degree, but I am looking forward to learning more about Organizational Behavior and Theory.

I live in Eagle River, Alaska. I took a year of Forensic Science and enjoy solving puzzles. I spent the last two years mentoring STEM skills to  Title 1 Elementary students. It was a really rewarding experience. I enjoy hiking and camping in Alaska’s wilderness and am especially fond of winter camping in snow shelters. I have ice climbed on the Kennicott  Glacier and canoed over 200 miles on the Yukon River reading Robert Service poetry along the way. I have an identical twin brother and we are both Eagle Scouts.

Adding to my list of unique Alaskan experiences, I recently survived a magnitude 7.1 earthquake at its epicenter. We had cracks in the walls, lots of broken glassware, and I barely missed having a television fall on me, but everyone is safe and sound. There have been thousands of aftershocks since then, like the other night just before midnight which knocked out our electricity for almost fifteen hours. This kind of problem makes taking an online course challenging but I haven’t missed any deadlines yet.

I don’t really think of my life in terms of a Bucket List. I just try to make the most of life opportunities as they present themselves. Maybe when I’m older, I’ll reflect back and make a list of what’s left to do. At this time, even after a hot Alaskan summer, I would like to go to Hawaii in the winter to relax and see the Humpback Whales off the island of Maui. I’ve never seen a whale breach before and think it would be a Bucket List worthy experience.

My future aspirations include getting a good job that allows me to continue to live, work and serve in Alaska as well as enjoy the Alaskan wilderness in my free time. I look forward to working with my classmates this semester.


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Alex, Nice to have you in this class. You can bring a varying perspective to the course and content. Your STEM Mentoring sounds like it was very rewarding. Congrats and welcome.



Hi Alex, I am glad that the Earthquake did not have a huge impact on you! Many of us suffer from ground movement fatigue. Each time the ground moves it wakes me up or at least makes me pay attention. Sounds like you are very busy and ready to move forward. Good Luck!



Alex, it seems that we have some similar interests. I am also going into my sophomore and second year at UAF and majoring in Business. I have never ice climbed, but I have always wanted to. I love adventures like climbing. Canoeing in the Yukon sounds amazing!



Hello Alex,
I am glad to read that everyone is okay from the earthquake but how scary! It sounds as though you have very neat stories about your adventures in Alaska’s beautiful nature. Even though I do not like the cold, I do not plan to leave Alaska anytime soon due to the beauty of this state. I enjoy being outside in Alaska hiking, fishing, and hunting.

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