Carmella Gallegos Introduction

Hello! Posting from West Palm Beach Florida, connectivity has been rough with Dorian looming nearby.  I’ve had a heck of a time staying logged in!  Just moved here for the fall semester following a summer job I had in upstate New York running the infirmary as a camp nurse.  I’ve been a nurse since 2010 but have six classes left to wrap up my bachelors degree in Homeland Security emergency Management.  Excited for a change of pace. I’ve lived in Oregon, Wisconsin, Alaska, California, Colorado, New York and now Florida. I’ve got a wanderlust mentality which works well with nursing! I’m looking forward to this class as I’ve had enough odd jobs in random places to see how different regions impact work ethics and behaviors.  I find it an interesting area of study and looking forward to its application toward my new field.  I thought it would be fun to submit an intro video from outside with the elements but the connection has not been reliable! Bummer!

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Jennifer Griffen


Hi Carmella! Hopefully, you survived the storms okay. I’m in California where we don’t get those, I can’t imagine how intense they are. I really admire those who have had an opportunity to travel and experience different places. It sounds exciting on one hand and tiring on another. Nice to meet you!

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