Michael Dilny Introduction

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Hi Michael, Welcome to class. Glad you are minoring in Business and no matter where you end up, I think this course will help you. What type of dog and what type of music. I love mostly jazz, blues and folk.



Savage is a Husky mix, I think he has some German Shepard in him too. I like all genres of music but I suppose my favorites would be Trance, Hip hop, Jazz, and Classical.



Hey Michael, I think it’s awesome how many places you have lived so far and think Alaska must be appropriate for a major in natural resources. I also have an appreciation for music so I can relate to you in that, both of my parents are musicians and have been in multiple bands with a few albums on itunes. Because of this I grew up listening to lots of music and various genres so I have learned to appreciate many types of music no matter what genre I personally like.

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