M3-Job Satisfaction

The first job where I feel like I had good job satisfaction also happens to be the employer that I am currently working for, Frank’s Menswear. There are definitely several aspects to this job that I feel affect my job satisfaction and make it positive. For one, the management and owners of the business are local and try to make sure their employees are well taken care of and their needs are met. It’s mainly little things that achieve this, like having snacks and drinks always stocked in the back or talking to us and leaving me feeling like my feedback will actually have an instant impact. Also, they do some bigger things like having a very good attitude towards employees taking time off or staying home when sick, which is actually heavily encouraged or almost forced. All my other jobs were at large chains where there were a lot of hoops to jump through and forms to fill when you wanted some time off longer than a day or two. Overall, the job itself doesn’t get too monotonous and the people I work with make it worthwhile and give me good job satisfaction.

A job that definitely left with poor job satisfaction was working at Fred Meyer’s as an apparel clerk. Honestly, there’s little I can blame this on besides the description of the job itself. The people I worked with and for were mainly great, so the only part holding it back was the job duties and then a bit of issues due to the large chain store rules. I essentially went to work, and for eight hours until close I stacked shoes, which I mean it could have been worse because I really like shoes and I like things being clean so it worked out in those ways but after a couple of weeks it gets real old. The rest of the issues really just came from trying to get leave for a knee surgery. I kept trying to work it out with their corporate leave services, but just couldn’t seem to get it through so just ended up leaving the job. This actually ended up being a good thing because one knee surgery led to another and recovery took a long time, but that’s aside the point. Anyways, I had low job satisfaction at this job but it really came from the duties of the job which is hard to avoid from a business standpoint I suppose.