Hi, my name is Michelle Moses and I live in Fairbanks. I was born and raised in Interior Alaska. I earned my B.S. degree in Biology from the University of Portland in Oregon. I was very attracted to a career in medicine but after life happened, I am moving toward an Accounting degree!
I am married and have four kids. I enjoy the outdoors and would like to spend more time out there but am pretty busy with kids, work and now college courses.
My plan is to earn more money to raise my family and live comfortably. I also would like to add quality to my career in the accounting/business field. Just working and paying bills can be pretty discouraging but I’m sure it could be worse. I do love life! I love working with people and look forward to this class!

One thing on my bucket list: take the family on a two week tropical vacation, bonfires on the beach included.