Daniel T. M13 post

I have found this article on shrm.org and the address is: https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/tools-and-samples/toolkits/pages/managingorganizationalchange.aspx

This article talks about how to manage the Organizational change and it talks about some key consideration to some planning for major organizational change. In the article it states, “Change management is the systematic approach and application of knowledge, tools and resources to deal with change.’ Organizational change is where it is defined and adopting corporate strategies, structures, operational methods, and technologies to handle external changes within a business environment. When thinking about organizational change, it is something that would affect the business and change it or it could go to where the business is adjusting to the change in culture as well.

In the article it talk about some common problems when it comes to global organizational change. Some of those common problems would be: Lack of a partnership approach, Misreading similarities and differences in markets, and not enough accountability. For any business it is natural to consider customers and how large it is from the home market so the business could plan for those change efforts. However, it is easy for those voices of customers to be drowned out by the needs of employees and clients from distant markets. Misreading could when dealing with multinational organizations and other competition that may be doing something similar like your business.

What I believe would assist with Organizational change would be leading by example, keeping in mind that few organizational changes occur in isolation, remembering professionals’ responsibilities never ceases, and realizing that most changes require fresh, or refreshed, talents. Leading by example is a great way for any major change and doing what other leaders and managers or any higher up ask during a major change initiatives. Remembering one’s responsibilities would continue to serve employees while contending the discomfort, confusion, and demands of the department-specific changes that was created. While the realizing the changes would require fresh or refreshed talents, it would lead to people who manage a group to hire or fire employees. However they would need to retain, acquire, or develop the talents for the business.

T.Daniel M5 post

Even though I never been an supervisor before, only as a employee and worker I believe this chapter could help when I be a future supervisor. In chapter 5 of organizational behaviors it states that personality is the sum total of ways in which an individual reacts to and interact with others (Organizational Behavior, 137). It also stated in the same page that measuring personality and personality test have been used increasingly in the diverse organizational settings and the test was useful in company’s hiring decisions. It also help the manager of the company or industry into finding out which applicant would be the best fit for the job (Organizational Behavior, 137). Then there is value where it is the basic convictions where the specific modes of conducts is personally or socially preferable to the opposite (Organizational Behavior 151). While personality is the sum of individuals reacting to or interacting with others, value represent the basics of specific modes of convictions.

I believe the best action to take with a team is the understand one another before starting the task or project at hand. When in a group or team for an company or organization, the members in the team must work with one another and depend on each other to get the work, task, project, and etc. done by working together. However, this could only work if the members understand each other and put their differences aside to make it work and get the job done. Nothing could be done if a team can’t cooperate with one another so I believe understanding and knowing one another within the team could not only help with cooperation, but also future team building exercises and getting to know each member before the team would be made for organizations and companies.

M3- Job Satisfaction (Thomas Daniel)

My current job at the moment is at the Kuskokwim Consortium Library as a student worker for the Kuskokwim Campus. I have been working at the library since last fall and I am really satisfied with the position of being a student worker. As a student worker you would need to work at least ten hours a week and I am okay with that because I am not only a student in college, but also a member of the recycling committee as well. The library workers are understanding and let me work on some of my assignments that I may have due while working at the front desk. My job as a student worker at the library are watching the front desk, checking in and discharging books and movies, helping the library patrons with what they need help with, sorting and keeping the shelves organized, and picking up mail from the main campus. I could also request the librarian if I could work over the summer after the spring semester was done and be given more hours to work. I have done this during the spring 2019 before and started working more from the beginning of May to the end of August 2019.

Some of the factors that cause me to be happy and satisfied with working are understand one another and group effort of working at the library. Understanding one another is important for a group, team, or business no matter what it is and how it may affect the group. So when I told the librarian that I would be back in college for the 4th year I asked if I could work at least ten hours a week to see if I would have enough time for balance both my work life and college life and she understood. So if I were to be a supervisor, then I would need to be understanding and think about my employees and co-workers life outside of work. Also the work and group performance would be bad if there were no effort being put into the job and assignment. If we practice effort individually and group effort, then we could be able to get the job, project, or any event planning done before the deadline comes. If I have any co-workers/employees that do understand one another and respect each others perspectives, but are not making a group effort I would address them that the work is a group effort and that if we don’t work together as a group, then we may fall behind on the deadline.

Introduction- Thomas Daniel

Hello everyone my name is Thomas Daniel and I am from Bethel, Alaska. I am a junior in College at the Kuskokwim Campus and I am studying Business Administration under the Bachelor’s degree. I have already obtained my AA in the general program and I continued on for my BBA. After I am done with my studies I would like to run my own music store in my hometown of Bethel. I like to read both novels and graphic novels, listen to music, and I am hoping to learn how to play at least four other musical instruments with the three instruments I know how to play.