M3- Job Satisfaction (Thomas Daniel)

My current job at the moment is at the Kuskokwim Consortium Library as a student worker for the Kuskokwim Campus. I have been working at the library since last fall and I am really satisfied with the position of being a student worker. As a student worker you would need to work at least ten hours a week and I am okay with that because I am not only a student in college, but also a member of the recycling committee as well. The library workers are understanding and let me work on some of my assignments that I may have due while working at the front desk. My job as a student worker at the library are watching the front desk, checking in and discharging books and movies, helping the library patrons with what they need help with, sorting and keeping the shelves organized, and picking up mail from the main campus. I could also request the librarian if I could work over the summer after the spring semester was done and be given more hours to work. I have done this during the spring 2019 before and started working more from the beginning of May to the end of August 2019.

Some of the factors that cause me to be happy and satisfied with working are understand one another and group effort of working at the library. Understanding one another is important for a group, team, or business no matter what it is and how it may affect the group. So when I told the librarian that I would be back in college for the 4th year I asked if I could work at least ten hours a week to see if I would have enough time for balance both my work life and college life and she understood. So if I were to be a supervisor, then I would need to be understanding and think about my employees and co-workers life outside of work. Also the work and group performance would be bad if there were no effort being put into the job and assignment. If we practice effort individually and group effort, then we could be able to get the job, project, or any event planning done before the deadline comes. If I have any co-workers/employees that do understand one another and respect each others perspectives, but are not making a group effort I would address them that the work is a group effort and that if we don’t work together as a group, then we may fall behind on the deadline.

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