T.Daniel M5 post

Even though I never been an supervisor before, only as a employee and worker I believe this chapter could help when I be a future supervisor. In chapter 5 of organizational behaviors it states that personality is the sum total of ways in which an individual reacts to and interact with others (Organizational Behavior, 137). It also stated in the same page that measuring personality and personality test have been used increasingly in the diverse organizational settings and the test was useful in company’s hiring decisions. It also help the manager of the company or industry into finding out which applicant would be the best fit for the job (Organizational Behavior, 137). Then there is value where it is the basic convictions where the specific modes of conducts is personally or socially preferable to the opposite (Organizational Behavior 151). While personality is the sum of individuals reacting to or interacting with others, value represent the basics of specific modes of convictions.

I believe the best action to take with a team is the understand one another before starting the task or project at hand. When in a group or team for an company or organization, the members in the team must work with one another and depend on each other to get the work, task, project, and etc. done by working together. However, this could only work if the members understand each other and put their differences aside to make it work and get the job done. Nothing could be done if a team can’t cooperate with one another so I believe understanding and knowing one another within the team could not only help with cooperation, but also future team building exercises and getting to know each member before the team would be made for organizations and companies.

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