Sarah Griffen-Lotz Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Sarah. I’ve been a UAF student since Fall of last year, and received an AA degree in art from the College of Alameda in Spring of last year. I’m a digital 3D artist, and have done some freelance work in this field. My goal is to earn a BA degree so I can find work at a creative studio as a 3D production artist. Ultimately, my long term career goal is to advance within a company and become an art director. This class interests me because of the way it examines structures within organizations, which I hope to work and eventually manage in one day.

I’m from Alameda, CA, but currently living in Concord, CA with my mother and husband. My mother is also a student in this class, she’s close to graduating. My husband works as a UX designer at a firm in San Francisco. One item on my bucket list is to travel to Paris to see the Louvre Museum.

Looking forward to meeting you all!