M3 Job Satisfaction

Thinking back on the topic of Job Satisfaction, i couldn’t forget my first job experience working as a brush boy for a land clearing company locally   found in Fairbanks. The hours where long, weather was harsh, yet I never had another job to compare it to, so Working a labor job, $15 dollars an hour at the age of 16 is more then enough to retain my services for a summer. I remember the first month was miserable. The interesting thing about this job was there was concrete potions or a chain of command. typically our teams were in sets of 3, with the longest working employee typically taking the duties as a Saw-Man, which essentially chopped trees. The two other individuals on the team where brush boys. They moved trees. How things worked was employees were payed for the amount the boss believes they are worth, which is biased off of his   and senior employees. A brush boy can be payed equally well as a Saw-man or a   Saw-man can be payed less then a brush boy. The fist summer went on without a hitch and made a few pay bumps and would say I had a high job satisfactory However it was the following season that had problems

Midway through my second season of work I found my self unsatisfied with my work and became tired and fed up with the physical labor. Essentially i was doing my job to well, and although i was receiving a hire payment then the rest of my team. I didn’t want to take on any extra responsibilities are duties… except for getting my hands on the saw. I told my boss of my issues, where shortly I was given a saw and was filling contracts independently. This did fix my job satisfaction… for a time that is. I finished the season out. however i didn’t make a verbal commitment for a 3rd season. By the end of the second season, I was to say “disenchanted” with my first job.   In the end I believe it was the combination of repetitive   monotonous labor and repetitive tasks drove me to seek for other forms of employment.