Parkerson M13

This week, your task is to find an article or web page on organizational change.   Describe one thing you found which you believe will assist with cultural change.   Explain why.   Be sure to include your citation.

The site that I found includes 4 tips for managing organizational change. The most important thing to remember in the company is that change will happen, and the best way to ensure that your company is ready to prepare for those inevitable changes. This site gives tips and tricks on how to prepare and work with those incoming changes. The four changes that were pointed out on this site are,

  1. Start with a small group
  2. Identify the keystone change
  3. Network the movement
  4. Surviving victory

These four tips once reading into them really makes sense, once you know a change is happening, start with a small group, tell them about the change, tell them what to expect from the change, and let that group be the trend setters for the rest of the company. In the end be sure to make sure to celebrate a successful changeover.


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