Big Five

I enjoyed this section of the textbook, as I have always found personality and mood interesting. I think that my biggest take away was the use of the five big traits in predicting work behavior. As a manager I will be using this in a few different ways. The first will be to assign tasks based on the trait that people represent such as placing those with high emotional stability in areas of customer service, those that are conscientious into work that requires detailed specific requirements and so on. Using the five big traits will also help me in the future with employee selection and retention. I was excited to learn that you can estimate not only performance and job satisfaction but that you can also look at the probability of longevity within the position.

It is being in the emergency services I also have an interest in the dark triad. I have seen a lot of potential employees that present many of the traits within the dark triad and this now gives me the information I need to combat the potential harm that it may cause. Overall there is bits and pieces of the entire chapter that I will be taking away and using in my position as I move forward.

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