Job Satisfaction

I wanted to talk about my current position, in which is a great job with great benefits. I first started working for Navy Federal Credit Union in May of 2018. I liked it in the beginning, but then there was a period of about 4 months that I felt under appreciated, my co-workers had a lot of drama going on with their lives and in the workplace and I almost never had been able to trust my managers. I always felt that everything seemed very one sided and my manager was never direct with me and she avoided certain conversations that needed to occur. I did not care to show up for work I was only a part-time employee so I felt that I did not need to apply myself to this career. My management team could have bee more open with me and had better attitudes, one of my managers had a very passive aggressive attitude and it really upset me. However, just about three months ago, things changed at work, people began quitting and I was able to have a direct conversation with my manager and really explain to her how I felt and it could have been a possibility of me not understanding things the their way. After that conversation with my manager she was opened and apologized for the way I was feeling she assured me that if I was ever feeling that way she has an open-door policy. I then realized she had no idea on the way I saw things and in return I apologized to her for my lack of commitment and communication that caused me to almost leave my job. This was a good feeling and shortly after this conversation, I began to get a lot of feedback from my management team and eventually they moved me into a full-time position and I am in the works of a promotion. My managers began treating me better and taking into consideration things they had not before and that has made my work ethic change in a great way. I am always at work, everyone interacts better together and communication is open. I also wanted to mention that a high-paying job alone is not enough to create a satisfying work environment (Organizational Behavior, 82). In turn, I was experiencing an exit response because of lack of communication and not taking the initiative to voice my opinion. I ended up with a loyalty response and it paid off.

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