M3- Job Satisfaction

I’m a student-athlete and for me, it’s very difficult to find a job during the hockey season and school year. The only time I have time to work is summer. This past summer I worked as a hockey goalie coach at the youth camp. I enjoyed the work and working with the kids. I only worked for three weeks, but that was a great experience and can’t wait to do it again. We had a head coach of the camp who was kind of our supervisor and it was fun working for him. He cared what we were thinking and how to teach the kids new stuff and he made the camp fun for them as well. The manager needs to bring a positive atmosphere every day and only that can run the company to success. The manager did a good job managing the camp, everything went smoothly. His mindset was always to be better and grow, that’s what we teach to the kids also and he was a great example to them. Every morning he brought coffee for us and I enjoyed that as a big coffee lover. That made me like him even more and think that’s a good quality to have.

I was happy and satisfied working with kids. It’s a lot of fun to show them something new and see them trying to repeat it. I think the best part of it is when they ask you a lot of funny questions. Another reason that I liked was the coaching staff that we had, it was a great time with them especially before or after the practices in the coach’s room. I knew a couple of them since I was 5 years old and that made everything more fun.  This experience I’ll use in the future, how to manage a daily life for your employees and that you need to make every employee part of the team. I would try to communicate with every single employee and ask what they think and what could we do better.

I haven’t worked a job that I didn’t like or I was dissatisfied. If I had to face a job where I’m unhappy or dissatisfied the main reason could be the manager. I think in a job where a manager doesn’t communicate with employees or doesn’t show a good attitude it is hard to work for. I wouldn’t learn anything from that kind of manager. The manager needs to be on top of his work all the time and be able to react in emergencies.

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