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Nate, that was definitely one of the most entertaining introduction videos I’ve ever seen. I definitely just took a video of myself sitting in front of the computer and it was refreshing to see something interesting. I definitely respect the adventuring on a budget. I believe many people around our age want to travel and adventure but it’s important to be fiscally responsible as well. As someone that seems like they have a lot of experiences and seems to be technologically savvy, I’m excited to see what you bring to the class and to learn alongside you!



This was a wonderful introduction that I could definitely relate with! I would really like to travel in the future as well; sometimes it can be expensive just to get out of Alaska though. I applaud you for learning the language of the country to which you will be traveling, its a noble and worthwhile goal. That is why I learned Russian because I would love to travel there. Accounting is a great degree that you can take with you where ever you decide to travel. Good luck to you this semester and the traveling!



Nate – Thanks for a fun intro to kick start the semester. I agree that life is an adventure: I’ve lived in New York, Chicago, Portland, Ketchikan, Yuma, and Tucson (FYI, it’s still hot in Arizona). Hope you and your wife squeeze everything out of your journey together!



This is definitely not a boring introduction or video. I too am working towards an accounting degree. As such, I try to keep my adventures on a budget and would be interested in taking a look at your YouTube videos to see what ideas you have used for a successful adventure. Have a great semester.

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