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Hi my name is Molly Teegardin and I was born and raised in Fairbanks. I’m working towards my bachelor’s degree in accounting while working full time as an Equipment Accountant. Work and school normally keep me busy, so I chose to take online classes to have more time at home to spend with my dog, Callie. When I have free time I like to go visit with my sister and my nephew or go to the gym with my dad. One thing on my bucket list would be visiting Italy with my family.

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Hi Molz, Good to have you in class again. I hope the accounting courses are going to go well for you this semester as you try to fit it in with work. Just keep pushing forward. Welcome to class.



Hi Molly, I found your post completely relatable. Although, I usually like to take classes in person, this will be my first semester working full-time and going to school part-time. I am a little nervous, but I hope it goes well. But on the plus side, I am hoping for the same thing- to spend more time with my dog, she is a black lab named Taiga.
All the best to you this semester!

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