M9-Counterpoint C.Day

The counterpoint view resonates more with me.  The line that I liked the most was “…leave the power to make decisions in the hands of those who were assigned leadership roles.”  I DO believe teams should be empowered, just not to the extreme that the first point-of-view seems to be describing.  While I don’t think there should be layer upon layer of “managers”, I believe that managers and those in leadership roles are there for a reason.  As managers they should always be open to new ideas, but their main role is guiding others to get a specific goal achieved for the company.  As the counterpoint points out it is also asking “regular” employees to take on responsibilities that are actually the manager’s with no benefit for themselves.  This could lead to resentment which in turn could become deviant workplace behavior.  I would try to keep my teams well matched and smaller so they could work together.  I’m completely a bring snacks/coffee kind of manager (as an employee I’ve appreciated this small gesture many times).  Hopefully I would’ve been part of the hiring process so that I could start from the ground up with those under me.

C.Day Intro

As before, my video doesn’t want to load.

I live on Prince of Wales island in Craig (AK) with my 12 year old daughter, 4 cats, and a bearded dragon (lizard).  I just received my AA degree and Accounting Certificate after 20 years of starts and stops and am now working on my BA in Accounting.  For fun I do homework!  HAR!  We like going kayaking (tried for the first time this summer) and taking walks, as well as artsy stuff (Me=cards, my kid=drawing).  In the evening computer games that take no brain power have been my vice.  I took business ethics with Professor Stickel and enjoyed it, so know this will be a good class as well! 🙂

This is generally how we are…I’m laughing and she’s trying not to….a little pre-teen angst I guess!
We put many things on our pet’s heads!