M9 Get The Most Out of Teams, Empower Them

M9:  Understanding Work Teams

Since I honestly have to make a choice, I believe I would pick the point to empower the employees.  Sometimes in a business sense some individuals are micro-managed to much and do not get the chance to let them have their own business sense.  It would not just be no more manager, the manager would be part of the empowerment team.  The organization as a whole can give the team the outlook on what they need.  Let them organize and implement what needs to be done.  Like the article said it gives them responsibility, ownership, they show more motivation to their fellow team members and the organization.

If I had to not choose and had a choice I would combine both point of empowerment and counterpoint.  Each side of course has its pros and cons.




What is your biggest take away from this chapter on Personality and Values? How will you use it as a supervisor in the future?
My biggest take away from this chapter was the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Big Five Personality Model and Hofstedes Framework. I did not know that there was so many different personalities and values. In my personal opinion, I didn’t realize the personality trait to match the actual job. The way it can be broken down in detail and categorized, I was wondering now about myself and what my outcomes are if I look into it for myself. I also thought that the Dark Triad was really cool. I don’t think my brain has thought this way, at least that I know of. I think that I will take it in high consideration if I ever have to use it in that sort of position.

If I were to supervise some of my co-workers where I am now.  It would be great.  We actually have a great diversity in the office.  The more experience workers that have been here longer are very easy going and willing to teach, but as long as you are willing to accept.  They are full of knowledge and my brain is swelling.  I think I got lucky in this department.

M3 Job Satisfaction

Describe a job you have held in which you were very satisfied and had a good attitude about your work. What factors caused you to be so satisfied and happy? How will you use (or how have you used) this experience as a supervisor?


I am employed by Bristol Bay Campus – UAF located originally in Dillingham.  I have worked with this campus as a financial aid coordinator and academic advisor for the last 3  and a half years.  I enjoy working with all ages of students and helping them feel good about going to school and finding funding.  Explaining financial aid and the classes that will help them pursue what they will enjoy doing the rest of their lives even though it may change throughout their life.  It’s the smile on their face and seeing them come back appreciating what they learn and gain.  I have supervised people before and it is self satisfaction to want to wake up everyday wanting to go to work and enjoy helping people.  Any little bit helps and it can make a difference.